The elusive theme font & playing with CSS

Where, oh, where has (1)


I’m still looking for the title font in my new theme’s demo version. This particular font was not included in the theme files I downloaded and installed – nor, apparently, in the demo files, which I also downloaded and installed, in order to make my new blog look as much like the demo as possible.

And it definitely looked a lot like the demo, but without that title font – the title font that I really, REALLY wanted.

<Insert scowling emoji>

I’ve searched the Google Fonts page. No luck, so far.

I did, however, learn some basic HTML and CSS, and I found the exact spot in the theme’s CSS style sheet that, for some asinine reason, made my title and subtitle all uppercase – even though the title and subtitle were NOT uppercase in the demo.

I found it, I cut it out (after experimenting with Google Chrome’s “Inspect” feature), and when that worked, I also went back and played with the fonts and font-sizes a bit, until I was satisfied (for the moment) with how the title, subtitle, and page menu looked. I went with the Rock Salt font for the title. I’m not married to it, but it’ll do for now.

I kept the page menu in uppercase. It works.

I’m still annoyed with Mojo Marketplace for making it look more complicated than it really is to install a theme (it’s really not hard at all; the harder part is making your new blog look good).

I’m also annoyed with CirqueStudio for not answering my questions yet (I sent them a message four days ago and another the day after that. I’ve asked for a refund of their installation fee, since I was too impatient to wait five days for them to do it. I’d be okay with letting them keep that though, if they could fix a little something for me.

That little something is the fact that my new blog’s theme is not mobile-friendly – or, at least, the formatting for the title isn’t. The header as a whole doesn’t look the way it should, and it hasn’t from the moment I installed it. The demo’s mobile version looked fine.

It may be because of the particular font used and the space and formatting requirements connected with it – since the theme “kit” didn’t include the font they used for the mobile-friendly demo version. But I’m groping in the dark, here.

need my blog to be mobile-friendly, so I’ll do some more digging. The way it looks now on my iPhone is so aesthetically  irritating, I can’t even tell you what it makes me want to do. Cover your ears.

Oh, just humor me!

Anyway, I think I’ve made the point that my new blog – – is still like a baby goat tripping over its own legs every time it tries to stand, but I only started it a few days ago, and I’m still in the middle of writing my book, so I’m not thoroughly disgusted with myself.

I spent some time combing over the .xml file in the zipped demo folder I downloaded. I think my eyes are going to hate me for a while.

What about you? Ever downloaded and installed a theme that gave you problems? If so, how did you fix them?

Also, if you want to give me your honest opinion of my new blog, I’d love it. I did say “honest,” too. Be kind, but be straightforward, too. Lay it on me.

Feel free to be blunt. I grew up with that, and I won’t shatter. Pinkie swear.

Take care, and have a great week! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The elusive theme font & playing with CSS

  1. I like that, a baby goat tripping over its own legs…cute. I understand your frustration. Even though my WordPress is a free one, I am forever running into all sorts of glitches because things I want to change can’t be done on a .com blog, only on a Go figure. All I want is a Marcellus font, my Goodreads add-on to work, oh, a free MailChimp thingy so I can build a mailing list. Too much to ask, I suppose.


    1. We had goats when I was little, and I remember going downstairs during the night to visit and try to soothe a new baby goat who kept trying to stand up in her wooden box and kept falling down. I remember being afraid she’d break her legs – or something else – and I tried to calm her down, but she was determined to get the hang of standing and walking around.
      I found a plugin that creates an alternate mobile version for my blog, and it looks a lot better than what I see from my customization window when I switch over to mobile view. It’ll do nicely, for now, at least.
      Not being able to pick my own fonts and font-sizes for my free blog was always a sore spot for me. The free themes are designed, I think, to make us wan to spend some money for a theme we can customize to our heart’s content. But when I first installed my new blog’s theme, I still couldn’t change the fonts from the customization screen. Only after some tinkering and watching videos did I figure out how to make it look pretty close to the demo version. The whole process isn’t as self-explanatory as I’d like, and I’m hoping I won’t have to fork over any more money to make this blog what I want it to be.
      The Goodreads widget should work on a free blog, though. I added one to this blog. I tried setting up a MailChimp subscriber box on this blog, though, and it wouldn’t take. Works fine on the new blog, so far – as far as I know. Time will tell.
      I still haven’t found that font I like, and I’m too cheap to buy one that isn’t already accessible via GoogleFonts, so …. Could be worse.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope you’re having a good week! 🙂

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